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Your submission has been accepted by the Scientific Committee,

then please, be sure your communication will meet the following instructions :

- ORAL communications will be of maximum 15 minutes + 5 minutes for questions. No overtiming will be allowed.

- POSTERS should be printed in portrait A0 format. Please make sure that the figures and text on your poster are sufficiently large

- POSTER CORNER DISCUSSIONS: If your poster has been selected for a poster corner discussion, here are some details on the organisation:

  • posters scheduled for a poster corner discussion are grouped and shown in one of the 3 poster corners installed in the exhibition room.  
  • You will have 3 minutes to present your poster
  • On the morning of your poster corner discussion, your poster (printed in portrait A0 format) will be placed in the appropriate poster corner. It  must  remain  there for the entire day.
  • Posters displayed in a poster corner will be discussed jointly in a discussion led by the session chair.
  • Poster corner discussions are scheduled before the poster sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. Please note that you are expected to be present during the whole time scheduled for your poster corner discussion.  The session chair will give a short  introduction to the shared topic of the posters displayed in the poster corner at the start of the poster corner discussion. Authors should be prepared to briefly present their work and answer questions from the audience.
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